Giardino Botanico Alpino Esperia

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The botanical garden Alpino Esperia is located in the Passo del Lupo locality at the foot of the Mountain Cimone, at 1500 meters of altitude. It was founded in 1980 on an area of  3 hectares, which includes nearly all the flower species typical of the alpine, apennine and subalpine environments in 32 flowerbeds. Because of this, the garden is an important ecological-didactic oasis on the spontaneous flora of the Apennines and the alpine one which was introduced.
As a matter of fact, both native and allochtoon species, coming from not only the Alps but also from the Rocky Mountains and Himalayas, have been planted inside calcareous and siliceous rocky areas at the centre of the garden. Rare and endangered plants are present in the grassy areas, among them there are orchids, carnivorous specimens and gentians.
The garden is easily accessible also for blind and handicapped people, since it has been built exclusively for them a path inside the flowerbeds with descriptive tables in Braille. The botanical garden includes also a rich library, a herbal, a photobook of the garden’s plants and a seed collection.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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