Giardino delle Culture

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In 2015, the “Garden of Cultures” was opened in Milan, on an area of 1.500 square yards recovered from a previously long-neglected area which thus became a public space for cultural and recreational activities.

The “Garden of Cultures” is on via Morosini, and it’s the first example of shared public space, born on the popular model of “shared gardens”: privately managed on behalf of the Municipality.

The space was soon enriched by the green benches of the German Expo 2015 Pavilion and by large vases with ornamental plants. Space management was entrusted to three local associations (“22 March Committee”, “E’-vento”, and the “Fire Workshop Theater”), gathered in the “Garden of Cultures Association”. The latter organisation manages the daily opening of the space, cultural events, and various activities for the visitors.

The contribution of private citizens is just as vital, as they devote time and energy to improving the neighbourhood in which they live or work, offering their skills and true enthusiasm.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Emilio Morosini, 8 - 20135 Milano(MI)

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