Giardino delle Erbe Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni

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Giardino delle Erbe Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni is located in the municipality of Casola Valsenio, it is property of the Emilia-Romagna region and it is managed by the municipality Casola Valsenio with the collaboration of Cooperativa Montana Valle del Senio.
It was opened and dedicated to its founder, professor ugusto Rinaldi Ceroni, in 1975, but its origins date back to more ancient times: as a matter of fact, in 1938 professor Rinaldi Ceroni obtained the permission to transform it into an experimental field for official plants, a portion of solid given by the municipality of Casola Valsenio to the school in order to make the students practice.
It is now included in the museum circuit of the Ravenna province, the garden counts about  450 species of officinal plants used in gastronomy, medicine and make up since the Middle Ages. It is formed by eleven terraces and a park. Annual, perennial, biennial, herbaceous, shrub-like and suffruticosa species are cultivated on the terraces; there are arboreal, perennial and shrub-like species, which are too of officinal interest,  in the park area.
Inside the buildings located in the northern part of the garden, there are didactic rooms, laboratories, drying rooms and olfactory zones.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via del Corso, 2/1 - Casola Valsenio(RA)

054 673158

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