Giardino Segreto dell’Anima

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It is located in the hinterland of the Amalfi coast at an altitude of 450 metres. The word “Secret” derives from the fact that this green area in not easily visible, because of its border made with mixed hedges; “pf the soul” because it has been designed to introduce people to a path of interior discovery, thanks to the emotions felt and the difficulties caused by taking care of the garden.

It is disposed on 8 lowering terraces and includes a small citrus grove with 22 different varieties, a rose garden with about 300 varieties, a section of aromatic and officinal plants with 40 types, collections of Hydrangeaspp. with 18 varieties, Salvia spp., lavander (Lavandula spp.), Spiraea spp., hibiscus (Hibiscusspp.), Hemerocallis spp., Syringa vulgaris, magnolias (Magnolia spp.), oleanders (Nerium oleander), broom trees (Cytisus spp., Genista spp., Spartium spp.), Lantana spp., camelias (Camelia spp.), Wisteria spp., bignonia, succulent plants; in addition, there are fruit trees, a vegetable garden, vine yards (Vitis vinifera) of different varieties in an area reserved to the local flora.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Telese, Campinola di Tramonti - Salerno(SA)

347 8790007

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