Giorgio Cini Foundation

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This Foundation was established on April 20, 1951, with the aim of restoring the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, severely damaged by almost 150 years of military occupation, and making it an international centre for cultural activities. After all, the Cini Foundations has always focused on culture, research and study activities.
On that very island, there are also two cloisters of an ancient monastery: the cloister of the Cypresses, a wonderful example of Renaissance architecture built in the early XVI century by the architect Andrea Buora, and the Palladian cloister, completed in the early XVII century according to the original project by Andrea Palladio.
Behind the two cloisters, there’s the Borges Maze, a reconstruction of the garden-labyrinth and the garden of forking paths by the architect Randoll Coate (the maze was actually designed in honour of Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentinian short story writer).
In 1952, in the heart of the park on the Island of San Giorgio, the architects Vietti and Scattolin created the “Teatro Verde” (inspired by Greek and Roman theatres): an amphitheatre that can accommodate up to 1166 spectators, made of white Vicenza stone interspersed by boxwood espaliers (Buxus sempervirens). This creation is a testament to the green theatres of many Venetian villas built between the Renaissance and the XVIII century.
From 1999 to 2003, the “Teatro Verde” was managed by Venice Biennale, and used for international dance festivals.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore - Venezia(VE)

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