Gorizia Historical Public Gardens

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The city of Gorizia features historic and contemporary parks. Among the former there are the following:

Sigmund-Graf Attems Park
Built in the 1700s, it is part of the ancient garden of the country villa of Count Sigmund von Attems, destroyed during the Great War. It stretches over some 2 acres, with paths, benches, a fountain, various recreation areas, a series of historical stone memorials of the owner’s family, and several suggestive corners, such as the two Baroque portals, the nymphaeum and the ancient trees. Along the walls, opposite and along the main entrance road, there are two large murals: the “Wall of five languages” and the “Wall of time”.

Town Hall Park
It dates back to 1740. It extends over an area of 2,5 acres and was created to enrich Palazzo Attems Santa Croce, the current town hall. When it was sold to the city of Gorizia, it was downsized. It now contains some of the most beautiful stone works in the city, including the statue of Diana the Huntress, the neoclassical temple and the bronze sculpture of the “she-wolf”.

Valletta del Corno Park
Dating back to 1800, it stretches over 4,4 acres and was built as a natural extension of the public garden of Corso Verdi. Located within the Valletta del Corno, it includes a Greek fir (Abies cephalonica), a European ash (Fraxinus excelsior), a common hazel (Corylus avellana) and a star magnolia (Magnolia stellata). There are also a kiosk and a wooden stage, a skate track and some removable sports equipment.

Public garden of Corso Verdi
Dating back to 1863, it is a gathering point for social and cultural events. In fact, its 5 acres often serve ss the perfect venue for many different events throughout the year.
It features a fountain, the meteorological survey station built in 1895, and the monument to the famous Italian poet Pietro Zorutti.

Parco di Villa Coronini Cronberg
A historical garden built in 1870, it stretches over more than 11 acres and follows the original roughness of the ground, along with the natural and artificial elements.
Many beautiful structures and wooden sculptures can be found inside this park, including Villa Baldigara with its chapel, a Liberty style temple, the statue of Coronini, allegoric sculptures by Orazio Marinari and the ancient Roman Ecate triformis. Today, this park belongs to Fondazione Palazzo Coronini Cronberg Onlus.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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