Guarnacci Etruscan Museum

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This Museum was born in the mid-XVIII century, in a period of intense studies and research on Italic antiquities from Volterra – a real cultural capital city once.

It is also one of the oldest and most important Etruscan museums in Italy. It contains most of the findings from excavations and research in Volterra and the surrounding territory.
The main nucleus of the museum consists of about 600 Etruscan funerary urns. The production of those relics spread in Volterra between the IV and I century B.C. using assorted materials like terracotta, stone, and alabaster.
The most significant urns are in alabaster, a material that is easy to model and which can also be painted. Among the most famous finds, there is “the Shadow of the Evening” – an Etruscan bronze sculpture with a peculiar elongated shape, “the Stele of Avile Tite”, and “the Urn of the Spouses”.

The museum seems to offer two actual exhibition paths: an ancient one with ancient furniture and several intriguing objects randomly assorted, and a contemporary showcase of selected findings introduced by a wealth of information and explanatory panels.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 15 - Volterra(PI)

0588 86347

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Biglietto singolo museo etrusco euro 8,00

Aperto tutti i giorni escluso il 01/01 e il 25/12

Dal 16/03 al 01/11: dalle 09.00 alle 19:00 - Dal 02/11 al 15/03: dalle 10:00 alle 16:30

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