I Mandorli Bio-Dynamic Farm

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I Mandorli vineyard was established in 2002, when Massimo Pasquetti became the owner of several acres of land in Belvedere di Suvereto, Val di Cornia. (province of Livorno); he set up shop at 984 ft above sea level, and in 2003 he planted the first Sangiovese vineyard in the north-east part of the property. Then, in 2004, it was time to start Cabernet grape cultivation in the south-east portion, to which he later added another 5 acres facing the sea. Those crops were set up as an amphitheatre to benefit from the sunlight during the whole day. Sangiovese and Aleatico grapes were then grafted on Malvasia from Brindisi ones and a small section of Vermentino Corso.

The vines organically and biodynamically managed, thanks to the valuable experience of winemaker Andrea Bargiacchi, who follows several important principles. For instance, there has got to be only one winemaker per vine (Sangiovese to the east and cabernet to the west), but with many different “massali” (i.e.: many different original “parents” or “precursor” of Cabernet or Sangiovese); then, true respect for the life of the clod is vital – that is, avoiding fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, while safeguarding millions of bacteria, fungi, insects, and earthworms. Then, there’s the painstaking use of biodynamic preparations (Corno Maname or 500, Corno Silice or 501, with chamomile, yarrow, nettle, oak, dandelion, and valerian in a heap or biodynamic compost). Not to mention the technique involving “green manure”, with the cultivation of horseradish, underground clovers, barley, vetch, phacelia and protein peas added with spontaneous flora. Last but not least, the vine top is never pruned, solar and lunar cycles are thoroughly respected and taken into account, while the grapes are harvested strictly by hand.

The wines

Sea breezes blow on the plants making the grapes healthy and the wines savoury and saline. The nearby gulf, acting as a mirror, dramatically increases the sunlight, while the soil features iron, manganese and marlstone. All around this area, the Mediterranean scrub thrives with rich biodiversity: centuries-old cork trees, holm oaks, common oaks and strawberry trees grow in perfect harmony with insects, wild animals, wild boars, roe deers, porcupines and turtles.

Sughera vineyard:
This vineyard produces pure Sangiovese, with a compact, mature, rounded taste with subtle sweetness; it also features a very long mineral aftertaste. Pure and well-defined scent.

Cabernet vineyard:
made of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Cabernet Franc, with 16 different varieties, it shows a very deep red colour, and features a surprisingly fresh fragrance; it is rich in grapes and spices – the perfect balance which never fails to please, with spicy nuances of rare complexity.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Località Belvedere, Suvereto - 57028 Livorno()

tel. 331 2983870; cell. 349 7841402


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