Il Sorbo Nursery

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Antonio Santini, with great dedication and deep knowledge of botany, has opened this nursery mainly for protecting the local flora biodiversity. He has specialized himself in ancient fruit varieties and now offers over 350 species, with 110 apple trees, 98 pear trees, peaches, cherries, vines, lesser-known fruits such as cornelian cherry, common medlar, sorb, and azaroles.

In his nursery, Antonio also collects rare and common native plants, forest fruit plants and shrubs, such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants and wild strawberries; wild fruit trees such as opal maples, poplars, holm oaks, common oaks, downy oaks, turkey oaks, buckthorn, willows, elderberries, goat willows, wild service trees, wild elm, and Italian buckthorn. The nursery also includes olive trees of the following varieties: “Leccino”, “Frantoio”, “Capolga”, “Maurino”, “Leucocarpa”, “Pendolino”, “Rosciola”, “Ascolana”, “Piangente”, “Cipressino”, and “Leccio”.

Many ornamental and fruit plants, seasonal and perennial flowers, aromatic species, common vegetables, hedge plants, as well as climbing and exotic varieties are always available.

Il Sorbo is also specialized in the production of truffles: to do so, by mycorrhizal work, downy oaks, black hornbeams, turkey oaks, holm oaks, hazelnuts, rock roses, and oaks are thoroughly grown, along with other plants suitable for this very purpose.

Last but not least, the nursery also designs and builds orchards, olive groves and truffle fields; it offers grafting and cultivation courses and carries out a project funded by the European Union for the recovery of plants at risk of genetic erosion, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Ancona and Bologna.
Tonino Guerra’s “garden of forgotten fruits” is also under the technical management of many professionals at Il Sorbo Nursery.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Strada Provinciale 99 - 6102 Montefiorentino di Frontino (PU)()

0722 547303

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