Isolone di Oldenico Nature Reserve

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This reserve extends to the centre stretch of the Sesia River, south of Albano wood and includes a wood of poplars, willows and locust trees. Among the trees, there is a splendid natural heronry, one of the most populated in Italy, where egrets, grey herons, night herons, cormorants and cattle egrets usually nest. A few years ago (it happened just once all over the country), spoonbills nested here as well, while since 1995 some specimens of African sacred ibis have been settling down in this reserve.

Access to the public is not allowed, except for study and research purposes. However, the birds can be easily observed from outside the reserve.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


C/o Parco Lame del Sesia - Via XX Settembre, 12 - Albano Vercellese(VC)

0161 73112

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