Jshandhoor Nursery

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Jshandhoor is a small nursery opened by Susanna Aimone in 2004. Starting from seed or cutting, it grows several interesting flowers and plants with the aim of recovering old traditional varieties that are mostly forgotten, while also looking for unusual plants. The memories of the gardens of the past can thus be rediscovered, along with their secrets and irresistible fragrances.

In details, there are several fascinating specimens of Ageratum, marigolds, zinnias, Californian poppies, morning glories, garden cosmos, snapdragons, garden nasturtium, spider flowers, wildflowers, sweet and perennial peas, and wild species.
Then, there are perennial plants (scabiosa, rudbeckia, gaillardia, veronica, achillea, heuchera, alcea), collectable ivy, climbing roses (old and ancient varieties), as well as annual flower seedlings.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Str. San Martino, 21 - 12022 Busca(CN)

0171 943429, cell. 340 0028287

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