La Marrana Cultural Association

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La Marrana Cultural Association was founded in Milan, in 1996, by Grazia and Gianni Bolongaro; it aims at divulgating contemporary art by offering new opportunities for reflection. Consequently, even the chosen venue is the most peculiar one, and not the usual gallery or a museum. In fact, it’s just a private house in Montemarcello, part of the Montemarcello and Magra Natural Park, and it opens only on particular occasions. Fausto Melotti’s works were the first to be exhibited here in 1996, on the tenth anniversary of his death. All the exhibitions held at La Marrana feature great protagonists of contemporary art or emerging figures with consolidated international experiences. Quite often, the intriguing relationship between the actual work of art and the surrounding environment is made extremely prominent. Being inside a natural park makes La Marrana able of focusing its exhibitions also on environmental art.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Montemarcello - La Spezia(SP)

02 86463673

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