La Ninfea Nursery

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Not far from Massarosa, in the hamlet of Bozzano, there’s La Ninfea Nursery, owned by Carla Lazzotti, who runs it together with her husband and her family. It is the largest cultivation of lotus flowers and cut water lilies in Italy, exporting all over the world; 17 acres of marshland where red rice was grown until the 1950s.

The Lazzotti family has been involved in the cultivation of flowers for over 50 years, and Carla had the idea of introducing lotus and other aquatic flowers, observing how those plants were already growing along the edges of the ancient rice fields.

Today, this business is mainly focused on the production of aquatic flowers (in the summer), including lotus and water lilies (which have become the natural habitat of several species of birds); there are also many plants such as the water hyacinth, water iris, water salad, papyrus, varieties of ornamental Eucalyptus and Ruscus, hydrangeas, corn, and decorative ornamental chilli peppers.

Lotus flowers, of the finest varieties, are harvested from June to September. Those highly prized flowers arrived in Tuscany in 1600 from the East; in 1800, professor Biagio Longo planted them near Pisa; then, thanks to the noble Spada family, they were also introduced in the marshy lake of Massacciucoli and in the area of Massarosa. The flowers grown at La Ninfea are truly spectacular and have recently been arranged within a garden-like area which offers several paths and water games.

La Ninfea also offers hospitality in its quaint farmhouse, deep in the heart of an incredibly charming place.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Sarzanese 537, fraz. Bozzano, loc. Cagliana - fraz. Bozzano, loc. Cagliana, Massarosa (LU)(LU)

0584 93436, cell. 347 9935706

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