Lago di Berrea

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Right at the centre of the Abruzzo National Park, surrounded by Monte Greco and Monti Sterpi d’Alto, there is Lake Barrea. At an altitude of 980 m, with a surface of 303 ha, a length of 4,6 km and a width of 500 m, it was created in 1951 by the interruption of Sangro river, near Barrea cleft, in order to produce hydro-electric energy.

The Humid Area of the Barrea lake entered the list of area of the Ramsar Convention, the first true international and intergovernmental treaty about the safeguard and management of natural ecosystems, in 1976.

Because of its particular geographical position, Barrea lake has various environments that are the ideal habitat for many plant and animal species.

A botanical rarity of this area, particularly of Villetta Barrea, is the Villetta Barrea Pinus nigra, a relict specie dating back to the Tertiary.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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