Le Officinali di Eleonora

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This company grows many officinal and traditional plants, strictly following organic farming regulations. All its products are used for medicinal, dietary or ornamental purpose.

Crops are usually put into a ventilated dryer for a spell of time which depends on each different species and seasons – namely, from 7 to 20 days. The dried herbs and flowers are then carefully divided: one part serves for herbal teas – carefully researched by the company owner and herbalist Eleonora Cosolo – other parts are sent to the lab, and mixed with essential oils and hydrolates, for cosmetic productions. Needless to say, the latter production strictly complies the latest phytocosmetic standards.

The first stages of production – namely organic cultivation – take place within this company as well; the same thing happens with the initial collection, the drying process and the transformation of the freshly picked products into preserves, syrups, jams, cosmetic creams, essential oils and hydrolates.

Everything is possible and done thanks to the true passion and competence of Eleonora,
who always takes care of supervising and managing the entire production process.
That’s the only way to guarantee high-quality products.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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