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“Le Ragose” was founded in 1969 on 76.6 acres purchased by Marta Broletto and Arnaldo Galli on the hills of Valpolicella, in the municipality of Negrar (Verona).
The estate was originally bought for leisure weekends, but it soon looked like a terrible shame to let its precious vineyards, which had been abandoned for eight years, turn into a wildland.
So, the new owners started cultivating the only active vineyard – the 6-acre Le Sassine – while recovering the remaining ones.

Today, Le Ragose features some 50 acres of excellent crops painstakingly cultivated to obtain the highest quality of native vines such as “Corvina”, “Corvinone”, and “Rondinella”. These autochthonous grapes are then used to produce Amarone Marta Galli, the best wine from Le Ragose. The very name of this outstanding product celebrates one of Le Ragose founders, who also happened to be among the first women venturing into winemaking in Italy – something that only men had carried out in the past.

Sowing and cultivation parameters of these vineyards are carefully researched and applied: vines are grown with the simple “Trentino pergola” method, and their density is painstakingly evaluated, together with the rootstocks, the orientation and the inclination of the pergola itself. Thanks to equally careful and accurate management of all the cultivation steps (fertilization, winter pruning, green pruning, leaf removal, bunch thinning, etc.) it is possible to obtain high-quality grapes.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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