L’Erbario della Gorra

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Since 1999, L’Erbaio della Gorra, established and run by Valentina Povero and Tullio Destefano, has been producing perennial herbaceous plants, including collections of autumn asters, Heuchera, Cimifuga, Tricyrtis, and ornamental grasses.

Valentina and Tullio also offer design consultancy and create gardens with perennial herbaceous plants and ornamental grasses, their great passion. In fact, they love spontaneous and dynamic gardens, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment and constantly changing according to the four seasons (with different blooms, as well as changes in volumes, perspectives and colours).

Over the years, the generic work of botanical experimentation with different varieties has been expanded with thorough research on a new taste for the landscape – in fact, in late summer and autumn, grass blooms and the transitory verticality of perennial herbaceous plants play a decisive role throughout this very type of garden.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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