Levico Spa Park

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Towards the end of the XIX century, Lévico Terme became a spa town of European importance; it was also thanks to the intervention of the great German landscape gardener Georg Ziehl, who transformed a simple countryside area into a 32-acre informal park rich in monumental trees – it’s still the largest historical park in the province of Trento.

At the end of the XIX century, the main tree species were planted, including: Sequoiadendron giganteum (a giant sequoia from California), Magnolia grandiflora, and a specimen of Fagus sylvatica “Purpurea”; the latter monumental red beech still dominates the entrance of the park and its main promenade.

The park covers some 156.600 square yards an area of 157 square yards with 125 tree and shrub species. After many painstaking interventions over the years, the Vaia storm, unfortunately, caused some serious damage in 2018: many trees and flowerbeds were destroyed but the new recovery work started immediately.
Today, we can thus admire a birch forest, new conifers and many deciduous trees.

In spring, there are 50.000 flowering tulips (Allium and Muscari latifolium). All the plants in the park have never been treated with any artificial or chemical booster or fertilizer. On the park premises stands Villa Paradiso, once the residence of the Liberty style resident gardener, now home to the park offices and many temporary exhibitions.

Photo source: https://www.ufficiostampa.provincia.tn.it/Comunicati/Grandi-Giardini-Italiani-ne-fanno-parte-anche-il-parco-di-Levico-e-il-Giardino-della-rosa -di-Ronzone

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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