Lillaz Waterfalls

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The Lillaz waterfalls are made of rocky leaps hit by the Urtier stream, which has dug deep ravines along its course over the centuries.
A footpath leads to the top of the waterfalls – it can be quite slippery, while visitors can easily walk down on a paved road closed to traffic.

To reach the waterfall area, you have to leave your car in the main square of Lillaz, cross the stream, go past the village and then follow the signs along the very waterway. You will get to a group of larches (Larix decidua) and then to the foot of the waterfalls. The first leap will be in sight, while after a slightly steeper stretch of the path, you’ll be able to observe the second leap: the Urtier stream flows into a deep basin carved out of it.
The path eventually climbs on the side of the mountain, overlooking an intermediate waterfall and finally reaching a wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge, you’ll get to a grassy shelf overlooking the third waterfall: the most spectacular, both for its gusting water and the impressive layers of rock.
Retracing your steps, take the path that runs away from the stream and finally reach the road climbs from Lillaz to the hamlet of Gollie. Back in Lillaz, you’ll have more than a chance to enjoy the splendid sight of the glaciers of Valleille valley.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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