Linasia Mountain Garden

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Linasia Mountain Garden, named after the nearby Mount Linas, is set within a beautiful holm oak wood and covers about 2.2 acres in Case Marganai, not far from the small town of San Benedetto (a district of Iglesias). Nearby, there are the service buildings of the Marganai State Forest, the small “Casa Natura” museum, a conference room and a large Guest House.

The garden has always been aimed at the reconstruction of the most significant natural environments of the Sardinian territory; as a matter of fact, its botanical species grow spontaneously all over the region and many of them are included in the local flora of Linas-Marganai.

All the species in this garden are easily recognizable thanks to individual tags bearing their scientific names, the botanical family and their area of distribution.
There is also a fair number of endemic species, coming from various mountain locations on the island, some of which are extremely rare, such as the everlasting flowers of Mount Linas (Helichrysum montelinasanum), Armeria sulcitana, and Sesleria insularis.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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Altre info

Visita al giardino e museo "Casa Natura" euro 2.00; gruppi di almeno 25 persone euro 1.50

Tutto l'anno

Da maggio a settembre: martedì, giovedì, sabato, domenica e festivi ore 9:00-12:00 e 16:30-19:30; da ottobre ad aprile: sabato, domenica e festivi ore 9:30-13:00

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