Lolair Nature Reserve

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This 68.4-acre reserve stretches at an altitude between 3.871 and 4.921 ft above sea level, at the entrance to Valgrisenche, in the municipality of Arvier.

The lake within the reserve, fed by three springs, is surrounded by an extensive reed bed and by round and smooth rock formations of glacial origin. In the diversified landscape, there’s a striking contrast among the dry portion of the reserve, the lake area, and the thick forest.

This area can be visited from spring to autumn, although spring and autumn are definitely the best seasons, especially when it comes to mild temperatures and wondrous colours of the luxuriant nature within the reserve. The latter can also be visited in winter, with snowshoes.

Lolair Nature Reserve should be visited in small groups (up to 30 people each), who would discover this enchanted place without disturbing its pristine habitat. The whole is easily accessible on foot, also thanks to many suggested trails.

Lake Lolair is a destination for many mountain bikers who can eventually dismount and reach the body of water on foot. Experienced bikers would definitely enjoy the suggested route that connects La Ravoire to Planaval, running through Baise Pierre and Baulin.

The reserve can also be reached on horseback on the dirt road from to La Ravoire; at some point though, riders would have to leave their horses and continue their visit strictly on foot.
Finally, experienced riders may continue on the trail to Baise Pierre and eventually then reach Planaval.


Due to its variegated environments, this area offers very rich vegetation, including aquatic species around the lake, other types of plant on its shores, and even Potentilla pensylvanica, which grows on dry soils and is very rare all over Valle d’Aosta.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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