Lorenzo Rota Botanical Garden of Bergamo – Collection of Tulips

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In addition to the usual, several activities organized by the Botanical Garden of Bergamo, there is also the temporary exhibition dedicated to tulips, which has been set up in the section of the Upper Town, in April, since 2010.

Numbers and cultivars vary every year, including novelties and botanical species. It’s a great show made possible thanks to a variable number of bulbs, from 2000 to 4500, belonging to even 150 different varieties.
The bulbs are donated by a sponsor who ensures that they belong to all the following groups: lily, Darwin, parrot, fosteriana, botanists, single and double-flowered, triumph, kaufmanniana, greigii and viridiflora.

Photo source: http://www.bergamosera.com/cms/2010/04/16/citta-alta-come-lolanda-4500-tulipani-in-fiore-allorto-botanico/

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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