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In a small plot around Pistoia, Mario Luchetti and his wife Elda enthusiastically began growing young plants for local suppliers in 1960. Twelve years later, their son Marco decided to join his parents and the company got bigger and bigger, featuring an increasing number and variety of plants. Later on, this nursery started offering a wide range of potted plants and open field specimens. Since 2012, the nursery has been managed by Filippo, Marco’s son, with a special focus on the new technologies, but always respecting the wise and profitable family tradition.

Today, Luchetti Piante covers more than 22 acres and produces about 100.000 plants in the open and 30.000 potted; they’re reproduced with traditional methods handed down from generation to generation, with a painstaking selection aimed at the highest quality and aesthetic standards.
This company supplies Italian gardens and nurseries, while it and also provides plants and consulting services for park and garden design.

The company is also specialized in the production of conifers, with over 50 species and varieties, including those belonging to the genera Abies, Araucaria, Cedrus, Cryptomeria, Cupressocyparis, Cupressus, Libocedrus, Thuya, and Taxus;
hedge shrubs are available as well, like Lagestroemia (with high stems, half-stems, bushes, in different varieties of colors and sizes), Camelia japonica and C. sasangua, Japanese Maples, Magnolia grandiflora, and an Agapanthus collection.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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