Macchiagrande WWF Oasis

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This WFF Oasislies within a Site of Community Importance (SIC IT6030023), in the Municipality of Fiumicino (Rome).
It’s the very heart of the natural reservoir on the Roman coastline with its 692 acres of dedicated preservation of the Tirrenian flora and fauna.
A major effort of land reclamation in Maccarese (some 22.000 acres north of the Tevere River delta), which started in 1878, has made it all possible; this very area is part of the local Maccarese Farm (Azienda Agricola di Maccarese), which has worked in close contact with the WWF sine 1986.
The Oasis of Macchiagrande features several interesting environments, including the backyard Mediterranean scrub, meadows and pine forests, canals, and, next to the Focene pond – what is left of the ancient and bigger Maccares one – a hygrophilous Mediterranean forest, among the most beautiful and best-preserved of the Lazio coastline.

The flora is rich with alpine snobells (Soldanella alpina), seaside eryngoes (Eringium maritimum), sea plantains (Plantago maritima), sea daffodils (Pancratium maritimum), cade junipers (Juniperus oxycedrus), and Phoenicean junipers (Juniperus phoenicea). There are also rosemarys (Rosmarinus officinalis), mastic trees (Pistacia lentiscus), nyrtles (Myrtus communis), and laurels (Laurus nobilis). In the wood, there are many species of trees, including evergreen oaks (Quercus ilex), common oaks (Quercus robur), alders (Alnus spp.), and many different poplars (Populus spp.). Wild orchids are present as well.

The fauna is just as variegated and, for what concerns birds, we can find mallards, Eurasian teals, cormorants, gray herons, egrets, common little bitterns, and red herons. Many birds of prey populate this oasis, including marsh hawks, harriers, kestrels, ospreys, and buzzards.
Mammals are abundant, especially porcupines, the wild rabbits, the foxes, martens, and harvest mice.
Dozens of tortoises are a true icon of the oasis.

There also some facilities for visitors. A small orientation center, three nature itineraries, the sensory trail for the elderly and the children, an instructional pond, observation huts, a deer wildlife area, the apiary (instructional hive), a nursery, and a bird banding station. Information boards and educational panels provide in-depth discovery and study of the local plants and animals.

Definitely worth visiting is also the nearby Macchia Grande Wood, in Manzana.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Fregene sud, all'angolo tra via di Castellammare e via della Veneziana. - Fiumicino(RM)

06 6685487

Altre info

'Oasi è aperta da febbraio a novembre (chiusa nei mesi di gennaio e dicembre). Nel caso in cui i giorni di apertura coincidano con festività nazionali, contattare prima il Centro Visite. Per gruppi e scolaresche, l’oasi è visitabile tutti i giorni dell'anno, su prenotazione. La prenotazione deve essere fatta entro il venerdì precedente la visita.

Da settembre a maggio: sabato e domenica dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 17.00. Visite guidate: tutte le domeniche due partenze alle ore 10.30 e alle ore 14.30, senza necessità di prenotazione. Giugno e luglio: sabato e domenica dalle ore 17.00 alle ore 20.00. Visite guidate: tutte le domeniche alle ore 17.30 senza necessità di prenotazione.

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