Malvarosa Nursery

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This nursery is in Carruba, a district of Giarre (CT), set within an ancient citrus grove; it is specialized in fragrant Pelargonium and rare jasmine; the latter is arranged in a nice collection along an educational path within the premises. Visitors would be impressed by the huge number of varieties, with white, yellow and even pink flowers. Many are reserved for warm or mild climates, but other specimens are quite rustic, so they can be grown without any problems in northern areas. Filippo Figuera will tell you all about those magnificent flowers.

Jasmines are also grown in a garden, the only one in Europe entirely dedicated to the Jasminum genus and fitted with plenty of educational opportunities in order to make those wonderful plants known to the whole wide world.

A special space has been fully restored within the premises of Malvarosa nursery: it used to be sheepfold in the early 1900s, while today it serves as a small museum where visitors can see the very place where ricotta and many other types of cheese were handmade in the past. There are also the three rooms with dry stone walls, that served as a fence for the sheep.

In addition, the nursery offers fresh citrus fruits and a choice of products based on natural ingredients, such as citrus preserves, and jasmine cosmetics, as well as jasmine and hollyhock liqueurs. All plants and products are also sold by mail order.

Last but not least, a delightful B&B facility is annexed to the nursery.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via San Martino, 3 - Giarre(CT)

333 36909481

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