Marisa Bellisario Garden

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Near the Lambro Park, on Via B. Bellincione, there is a small garden created in 1988 and dedicated to Marisa Bellisario, a Milanese entrepreneur, in 2007. It is a small garden (less than 2.5 acres) without fences, always open to the public; it features a children’s area and a space for dogs; the local residents simply love this place.
At some point, the trees originally planted got all sick, so they had to be planted again.

Among the different species, there are some black locusts (Robinia pseudoacacia), plantains (Platanus spp.), sycamore maples (Acer pseudoplatanus), and silver maples (Acer saccharinum).

Photo source: Wikipedia

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Bernardino Bellincione, 24 - 20134 Milano(MI)

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