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Masciarelli Tenute Agricole / Azienda agricola Masciarelli

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The farm was established in San Martino in 1978 by Gianni Masciarelli, who finally manged to produce his own wine in 1981.

Giovanni’s grandfather already grew small vineyards producing Trebbiano and Montepulciano in the cellar belonging to the family in the San Martino della Marruchina farm, in the province of Chieti. This small village, 20 km from the Adriatic Sea and 20 km from the Majella is at 380 m above sea level, and has a very favourable climatic condition.

Over time, the initial 2,5 hectares became 320, of which 273 are used for vineyards; the objective of the production is to enhance the value of native vineyards and they characteristics.

The cultivated land is very different, from the impressive Majella as stone wild landscape to the teramano hills that gently roll towards the sea. The farm has 4 estates: in Chieti, in Pescara, in Teramo and in L’Aquila.

The first estate, in Chieti, covers 18 hectares 260 m above sea level, of which 15 are used for vineyards and one for an olive grove; the second one, in Pescara, is made up of 18 hectares of vineyard at 350 m above sea level.

In Teramo there are 40 hectares of vineyards at 250 m above sea level while in L’Aquila there are 13.

The soil varies according to the place: some are calcareous, some clayey and other sandy; they are rich in minerals and located at different altitudes, from 200 to 500 m above sea level, some are close to the mountains, and others are close to the sea. This diversity gives different expressions to the vineyards, enhancing their qualities.

The favourite shapes to grow wines are the traditional “pergola abruzzese” and the guyot row. The philosophy of this company has the imprint of its founder, Gianni: stay anchored to traditions of people and vineyards of this area the gift us with Montepulciano and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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