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Mastroberardino is the oldest wine farm of Campania; it was established at the beginning of the 18th century and it is in the 19th century cellar of the municipality of Atripalda, in the province of Avellino. Piero Mastroberardino is at the head of the business. He is the son of Antonio, who decided to invest on the rediscovery of Irpinia’s local vines after the war. The wine farm has a strong bound with the surrounding area, which is kept up thanks to the most recent technological innovations and to experimentations, whose aim is to discover the potentials of the vined to obtain grapes of the best quality. They own estates in all the areas of Campania, which are suited for the cultivation of vines: Mirabella Eclano, Montemarano, Pietradefusi, Lapio, Manocalzati, Montefalcone, Santo Stefano al Sole, Montefusco, Tufo, Petruro Irpino, Santa Paolina, Apice  and Pompei.
Mirabella Eclano is the main estate of the family: the vines find here a natural landscape, which is not so far away from the excavations of ancient Aeclanum. The hill area, altitude between 350 and 450 m above the sea level, is developed on more hills and different exposures on a soil created by calcareous marls: the soils with a higher concentration of organic substances and of volcanic origins are dedicated to the cultivation of the red berry variety, while the white berry one prefers calcareous and clayish soils. The other properties present pedological characteristics, which make them unique; sandy or clayish, calcareous soils, rich in skeleton will give to the grapes aromatic and mineral characteristics which will make them unique. The wine cellar is peculiar and it is visited both by Italian and foreign tourists, who want to admire the domes of the caves, where the aging process takes place, and the works of artists like Raffaele de Rosa, Doina Boetz, Maria Micozzi, Patrizia Comand ans Felice Nittolo.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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