Maurizio Feletig Farm

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Maurizio and Alessandra Feletig are the owners of this farm in Arignano, on the hills of Chieri. The farm was opened in 1991 and it is specialized in the production of berry shrubs – mainly native – and ancient roses.
The specialities of this nursery have all in common the production of colourful and lively infructescences: berries and rosehips which can brighten our gardens in autumn and winter, perfectly integrated with the landscape.

This nursery reproduces about 270 varieties of roses, including ancient and botanical varieties (bush roses, sarmentose or rambler specimens) and about 70 berry shrubs.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Garibaldi, 38 - Cascina della Rocca - 10020 Arignano(TO)


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