Mirella Collavini’s Nursery garden

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Mirella Collavini is a gentle sweet woman who has been collecting ancient and rare species of violets for more than twenty years. She was actually the first to start looking for rarities like the “double violet”, the “Udine’s violet”, and the “Conte de Brazzà” variety. Those very flowers used to provide a small income to many local women. Once picked, those fragrant flowers were carefully arranged in moss-lined wooden crates and sent to European noble courts.

Over the years, Mirella has created a beautiful collection of violets, including simple, double, ancient, and modern specimens; for this very reason, she is also known as “the lady of the violets”.
To those flowers, she’s recently added begonias and small-leaf spiderworts reproduced in her nursery garden. The latter is a truly romantic and stirring piece of heaven on Earth, full of climbing roses, flowering shrubs, old furnishings, and suggestive sights.
It can be visited by appointment.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Cavour, 5 - Rivignano(UD)

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