Montecastello Castle

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Montecastello Castle is on the banks of the Tanaro River. This fortress was already there at the beginning of the X century, and the town developed around it later.

In 967, Montecastello became a fief of the Marquises del Bosco, then of the Bellingeri family from Pavia; later on, it was acquired by the municipality of Alessandria and witnessed many battles, until it was completely destroyed and then rebuilt.

In 1707, it became a property of the Subalpine government, from 1836 to 1877 it belonged to Count Antonio Piola-Caselli, and eventually was acquired by the Garrone-Arnaboldi family from Milano.

The current appearance is that of the XVIII century: a compact building with a high tower, enclosed by a square-shaped wall, with four towers at the top; the terraces, stairs and wrought iron embellishments are also from the XVIII century.
Inside the castle, there are several interesting decorations and paintings.

The castle is surrounded by a park with centuries-old trees, including conifers and vast expanses of lawn.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

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