Montedimezzo MAB Nature Reserve

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This reserve Reserve is part of the biosphere established by Unesco as part of the MAB program (the acronym for “Man And Biosphere”). The complex, which also includes the Feudozzo and Pennataro Forests, is now the property of the State Forestry Company that manages it, with the exception of the Pennataro Forest, which belongs to the region of Molise.

The reserve covers 719 acres with an irregular shape and it’s really a piece of paradise on Earth where the absolute silence of the wood is probably its most striking feature. The trees simply seem to “whisper”, gently stirred by the wind and the abundant birdlife. Turkey oaks and beeches are the most abundant species.
The local fauna is quite variegated and includes wondrous specimens of wild cats, badgers, and foxes; nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey are simply spectacular, while turtle doves, jays, and wood pigeons are also abundant.

The Reserve includes areas equipped for leisure stops, easy trails, a Visitor Centre and a museum, located in the historic State-owned hunting lodge: right there, there’s also a nice collection of precious woods, including ancient varieties, sections of trees, specimens of birds and animals, small wild mammals, maps and information panels, as well as old farming tools, and interesting flora-fauna discoveries.

It’s really a most beautiful place, definitely worth a visit; local rangers are extremely nice and helpful, while there’s plenty of breath-taking sights and also a beautiful view of San Pietro Avellana.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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