Montevecchio Mines

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The Montevecchio mining area extends along the western coast of Sardinia, straddling the municipalities of Guspini and Arbus (Medio Campidano), and is included among the eight sites of the Geo-mining Park of Sardinia.

The mine carried out its activity from 1848 to 1991, becoming the largest producer of galena (lead glance) and zinc bloom (marionite), thus influencing the surrounding landscape and human settlements.
Today, the recovered mining structures and facilities (residential buildings, plants and landfills) are managed as important and public exhibits.

The site still retains some rectangular tanks full of water. Laveria Principe Tommaso (a factory dedicated to the processing of raw ore) still looks like an imposing structure, which was built in 1887 and remained operational until 1991. Visitors may also pay a visit to the reinforced concrete structure of Pozzo Sartori, and the recently restored Pozzo San Giovanni, 656-ft deep and served by six tunnels.

Going along the hairpin bends leading to the top, there’s Pozzo Sant’Antonio and its peculiar crenellated tower, which, according to the architectural tradition between the XIX and XX centuries, was built according to neo-Gothic style.
The management building has been recently restored along with the internal rooms. Featuring an exquisite Neo-Renaissance style, the building includes three floors and stands around a central courtyard surrounded on three sides by a portico with cross vaults.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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