Nervi Rose Garden

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This wondrous rose garden can be found inside the Park of Nervi, in the Eastern part of Liguria.
The park was built merging different noble estates like Villa Gropallo – the ancient country abode of the Marquis Gaetano Gropallo (now the public library of Nervi), Villa Serra Saluzzo, Villa Grimaldi Fassio – dating back to the 16th century – and Villa Luxoro.

In the beginning, the rose garden hosted at least 800 varieties of roses, but over the years the number has been reduced to around a third. Since 1985 the “Rosa rifiorente”, international competition – also known as the “Genoa Prize” – has been held right here. Therefore, this rose garden has hosted and still retains many wondrous species of the participating roses.

The garden covers an area of approximately 1,5 acres and is divided into several themed areas: there’s the ancient rose garden – featuring the queens of the species, the modern rose garden -where cultivars are grouped according to the most recent international breeding standards, the competition rose garden – where the cultivars are actually bred for the competition, the berry rose section – a new collection blooming in autumn and winter, and finally the scenographic rose garden – dedicated to historical specimens which provide the perfect enclosure to the whole facility with their charming colors and fragrance.

The rose garden is also enriched by a collection of historically-organized citrus fruits among the rosebushes.
Nervi Rose Garden can be visited throughout the year (admission is free) and it’s a true feast for the eyes of tourists, enthusiasts, scholars, and photographers.


In Italy, there are over 30 spontaneous species, and this garden includes dog-roses, Gallic roses, red-leaved roses, Alpine roses, and evergreen roses.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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