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Novaspina is a young company specialized in the hybridization and production of new plant varieties, mainly roses and irises. Davide Dalla Libera, the young owner, has had a true a passion for roses and music since he was a child; in particular, he focuses on the selection of roses suitable for harsh climates – hot or cold – and resistant to their most common diseases.
In his research, he usually starts from little-known parents, developing an improvement program of the most ancient cultivars, up to current varieties. In particular, Davide has recently started two lines of research: the first, involving the Antiche (ancient species) and the Botaniche (Botanical species), aims to obtain new varieties with peculiar leaves, colours and shapes; the other research starts from Muscat, Floribunde, Polyantha, Tea Hybrids, and Moderne (modern species), to create new flowers with cupped or tea rose-like shapes.

To all his beautiful roses, shrubs and vines, Davide usually gives poetic and evocative names, some of which are inspired by Venetian noblewomen of the past: “Moscalbò”, “Fosca”, “Mortalitatsi”, “Rosildea”, “Milamy”, “Rosalba Carriera”, “La Tintoretta”, etc.
Following his ingenious creations, Davide has already received several important awards and recognitions.

In the nursery, he also reproduces and cultivates many roses selected by other breeders (Rolando Zandri, Marc Alberici, Dominique Massad, and many others).

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via San Benedetto 8 - Teolo(PD)


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