Opi, il paese nel Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo

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The name of this village in the heart of Abruzzo National Park, comes from Roman goddess of the earth, Ope, sister and wife of Saturno, daughter of Cielo and Vesta; other sources say it comes from Opice, a priestess in Vesta’s temple, one of the five temples that made up the monastery on the mountain. The most probable hypothesis is the one saying that the name come from Latin “oppidum”, fortified castle, that is the structure of the village dating back to 1000 A.C., with its house built one next to the other on the edge of the rocks.

The most ancient part of the village overlooks a narrow cleft dug by river Sangro and it hosts Museo del Camoscio, a mammal still living in the nearby mountains.

The 18th century building now hosting the town hall, the Santa Maria Assunta church and the beautiful baroque chapel entitled to San Giovanni Battista are also worth a visit.

During the second half of August, Opi hosts the Gnocchi Festival where you can taste homemade traditional pasta.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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