Orti DiPinti Community Garden

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This is an urban educational garden inspired by sustainability, eco-compatibility, the recovery of abandoned or forgotten spaces and sharing the fruits of the earth: it is the new Community Garden – known as “Painted Gardens”- in Florence, and the first facility of its kind created in the historic city centre. In fact, it can be found inside a small garden separated from the road by a high yellow wall. Its name derives from this very, Borgo Pinti.

The garden is open to the public, but due to its size and vocation it is not exactly intended for vegetable harvesting and consumption, rather for teaching, experimenting, socializing and disseminating environmental awareness.

Made of large raised containers, it is based on eco-sustainable farming techniques, such using sub-irrigating ampoules: terracotta or ceramic tanks, of a size proportionate to each flower bed, inserted into the ground; once filled with water, they go on releasing the nutrients to the roots of the vegetables, thanks to their high porosity. In order not to evaporate the water too quickly, each ampoule if fitted with a cap (a stone, a piece of cork, etc.)

Citizens can also contribute to the “community compost” with their kitchen waste, thus creating some excellent fertilizer for the crops.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Borgo Pinti - Firenze(FI)

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