Ozieri open-air museum of Contemporary Art

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The Ozieri open-air museum of Contemporary Art was originally conceived by Professor Enzo Orti who, in 1995, invited about twenty artists to participate in the “Stone and Iron” event.
The processing of pink and iron trachyte is, in fact, strongly linked to the local tradition.

The Ozieri Municipal Administration welcomed the initiative as a powerful intellectual boost and a chance to have capable artists co-operate with the local skilled artisans.
All the locations places, chosen autonomously by those artists, are deeply linked to a territory full of ancient traditions. The inauguration took place on 30 September 1995 and was dedicated to Lorenzo Guerrini, a famous Italian sculptor.

Today, some of the original works of art have unfortunately been damaged by wanton acts of vandalism. To make things worse, over the years, it’s got increasingly difficult to read the very information about many exhibits, due to the absence of specific indications or maps.

The artists of the “Stone and Iron” event were: Massimo Barzagli, Bizhan Bassiri, Nicola Carrino, Lucilla Catania, Antonio Catelani, Fabrizio Corneli, Vittorio Corsini, Carlo Guaita, Patrizia Guerresi, Antonio Lombardi, Carlo Lorenzetti, Luigi Mainolfi, Vittorio Messina, Nunzio, Enzo orti, Alfredo Pirri, Sergio Ragalzi, Pinuccia Sciola, Giuseppe Spagnulo, and Mauro Staccioni.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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