Palazzo di Francia

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It is located in the old town of Vibo Valencia and it was requested by the marquis of Santa Caterina, Luca Vincenzo di Francia, at the end of the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th became the official residence of Joachim Murat (to whom was dedicated the road in front of the palace). It was modified around the 20th century and this caused a change in its aspect. It has been under a protection regime for a decade, but the structure now is quite ruined.
The drawing of the building is regular covers a surface of 1800 m² and some characteristics remind of a vesuvian villa of the 18th century like the details of the façade or the relocation of the hall, which is opposite to the entrance. The structure is assembled with wood in order to contrast earthquakes, according to the instructions given by Calabrian engineers in the 18th century.

The park. It was created thanks to the union of the original formal garden, which is next to the palace, and a bordering plot of land. It represents the most important green area of Vibo Valencia: which is located on a hill facing the Tyrrhenian Sea and covers a surface of two hectares articulated on three levels and crossed by avenues. A flight of stairs grants the access to the park, which encloses numerous botanical species arranged in the style of an English garden. Among these plants there are hazelnut trees (Corylus avellana), robinias (Robinia pseudoacacia), laurels (Laurus nobilis), cherry laurels (Prunus laurocerasus), holeanders (Nerium oleander), chestnut trees (Castanea sativa), cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens), maritime pines (Pinus pinea), pittosporums (Pittosporum tobira), bamboo (Phyllostachis viridis) and hortensias (Hydrangea hortensis). A little wood of holm oaks (Quercus ilex) is located in the central part and it is formed by specimens with are older than a hundred years.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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