Palazzo Moroni

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Palazzo Moroni was built by Francesco Moroni on “Porta Penta”, the current “Porta Dipinta”, sold to him by the family of Counts Pesenti. It is found in the upper part of the city of Bergamo.
It is a true testament to Bergamo Baroque art.

The construction lasted thirty years, from 1636 to 1666, and was carried out by Battista della Giovanna. The palace was built in front of Palazzo Marenzi, which was subsequently purchased by the Moroni family in 1878, and was later demolished in order to create a broad overview of the plain.

It’s definitely worth mentioning the halls of the Palazzo, some with XVII century frescoes with mythological subjects, and some others (such as the ballroom, renovated in the XIX century) with trompe l’oeil and Venetian stucco. The decorations of the palace were made by Giovan Battista Moroni, Gian Giacomo Barbelli, author of frescoes such as those of Palazzo Terzi, Giuseppe Roncelli, and Cesare Tallone. The subjects of the frescoes were inspired by the contemporary scholar father Donato Calvi, the prior of the nearby convent of Sant’Agostino.
The whole estate acts as a green lung for the city of Bergamo. The gardens, accessible from an external balcony, are organized in terraces at the foot of the Sant Eufemia hill and include an ancient medieval tower of the Rocca Civica.

The close blond with the surrounding landscape is visible from the elevated position which dominates the surrounding plains.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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