Paolo Giobbi’s Farm

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This farm is located in the very heart of the “Roman Castles” area (“Castelli Romani”), more precisely in Ariccia, a little town that has treasured its pure vocation for agriculture throughout history.
Its garden master, Paolo Giobbi, has always taken painstaking care of its work, along with his wife Evelina and his son Mateo, acknowledging a three-generation heritage.
Traditional agriculture techniques have always been used, thus opting for the crop seasonalities that best suit the soil and the climatic features of this place.
Biodiversity and thorough protection of local vegetables – the latter grown since ancient times – are the most outstanding features of this farm which is true excellence in horticultural productions.
Thirty-seven acres of land are cultivated in the open and all the seeds come from the farm nursery, thanks to a careful and scrupulous work of recovery of local peculiarities.
All in all, Paolo Giobbi’s produce complies with high-quality standards and excellent organoleptic characteristics, while his incredibly well-kept vegetable gardens blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape blessed with such beautiful sights.
This farm also offers horticulture courses for casual visitors and enthusiasts alike during the warm seasons.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Borgo Garibaldi, 36 - 00041 Albano Laziale(RM)

06 930 4425

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