Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden

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This botanical garden is located in Valnontey, in the municipality of Cogne, Valle d’Aosta, in the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park, at 5.577 ft above sea level – on an area of about 2.4 acres. Founded in 1955 by the Gran Paradiso National Park Board of Directors in order to enhance its flora, it takes its name from St. Bruno’s Lily (Paradisea liliastrum), a white flower quite abundant in the surrounding pastures.

In the garden, some natural environments are reproduced: the peat bog, the moraine, some limestone debris, etc., each one with detailed information panels.

The butterfly garden, in particular, is a route at the top of the garden dedicated to these insects that play a very important role as pollinators of mountain flora.

The period of greatest flowering is from mid-June to mid-July, depending on the weather. Guided tours can be booked, otherwise at the entrance visitors are given a small brochure with the main features of the garden; each plant is accompanied by a card that shows its name.


The garden contains more than 1.000 species belonging mainly to the flora of the Alps, and is home to some rarities such as milkvetch (Astragalus alopecurus) and Pennsylvania cinquefoil (Potentilla pensylvanica).

The collection of lichens that spontaneously grow on the garden boulders is definitely one of its kind.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Località Valnontey 44 - 11012 Cogne(AO)

0165 74147

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A pagamento: intero 3,00 euro; ridotto (studenti, accompagnatori di persone diversamente abili, persone oltre i 70 anni, gruppi accompagnati da guida escursionistica o turistica) 1,50 euro; bambini fino a 6 anni, persone diversamente abili, residenti nei comuni aderenti alla Fondation Grand Paradis, guide escursionistiche o turistiche: gratuito.

Dal 15 giugno all'8 settembre, tutti i giorni dalle 10 alle 17.30

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