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Parco Vergiliano

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Parco Vergiliano is located in Piedigrotta, in the district of Chia, behind the church “S. Maria di Piedigrotta”, next to the train station Mergellina and the slopes of the hill of Posillipo. It must not be confused with “Parco Virgiliano” of Posillipo. It was opened to the public in 1930, and it contains Virgil’s cenotaph, a columbarium of the times of Ancient Rome,  which is thought to be the poet’s grave. The grave of Giacomo Leopardi, inside a tuff cave,  Crypta Neapolitana (also known as cave of Pozzuoli or of Posillipo), a gallery of Roman times connecting Mergellina to Fuorigrotta, a niche in piperno with two grave stones of 1668, on which are written the illnesses curable with the thermal waters of the Phlegrean area.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Salita della Grotta, Piedrigrotta - Napoli(NA)

+38, 081 7953613; e +39 081 669390 per gli aspetti archeologici.


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