Paularo Silver Fir

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Abies alba (Pinaceae)

This is a superb specimen of a white fir about 180 years old, it has a most unique shape with a leaning main stem which has probably grown like that because of an unknown natural event in the past.

Quite surprisingly, the tree has been able to survive and grow six new secondary stems that rise upwards – the longest reaching 135 ft in height, with a circumference at the base of 6.5 ft. – the main stem measures 12.5 ft at the base.
The very root system is very strong and able to support the full weight of the bent tree.
In the 1970s, lumberjacks and foresters opposed the knocking down of this fir; therefore, we can still admire such a natural wonder in all its splendour.
The locals call this tree “The palm” as it appears like the palm of a hand (the main stem) with the fingers (secondary stems).

Nicknamed “the palm” by the local, this fir actually looks like a human hand, with outstretched fingers (its secondary stems).

How to get there:

From the village of Paularo, reach Casòn di Lanza Pass, then after some 2,8 miles you’ll get to a lay-by where you’ll find the only path that leads to the firs – it usually takes just 15 minutes on foot.

Botanical Specs

A typical European species, this fir can be mostly found on the eastern Italian Alps.
Conversely, the abundance of larches and Scots pines makes it more difficult to find it on the western Alps.
It usually grows at altitudes between 1.970-2.630 ft and 3.937-4.594 ft. It needs a lot of humidity, it’s very sensitive to late frosts, and well tolerates shading especially in its young age.
It prefers fresh and deep soils, regardless of the chemical composition.

The wood is very flexible and light and often serves as construction timber.


This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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