Pea-shaped bean

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These particular beans look like peas and feature an incredibly thin skin, hence their name. They come from Colle di Tora, Lazio Region. With a delicate taste and a pasty consistency, these beans don’t lose their skin even after cooking.
The local variety was probably imported around the XIX century. Allegedly, an immigrant woman named Adelina, brought some of these beans back from Southern America – ever since that day, farmers have jealously treasured them. Entirely manual production takes place at some 3.000 ft over sea level, while sowing begins at the end of May, and harvesting has to wait until the last days of September. Then, pods are shelled to get the typical whitish seeds, with peculiar characteristics. Only here, Pea-shaped Beans can, therefore, acquire their famous organoleptic qualities.
Every year, these beans are celebrated during a traditional festival in Colle di Tora.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Colle di Tora(RI)

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