Percorso Avventura Gole di Caccaviola

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The adventure path gorges of Caccaviola has been realised by the council administration in the gorge of Caccaviola, which was excavated in the calcareous rock by erosion processes and by the shaping force of the water between the Civita di Cusano and Civita di Pietraroja mountains, and it is 7 kilometres away from Cusano Mutri’s city centre.

It is articulated in a crescendo of magnificent natural landscapes, among waterfalls which break the silence of uncontaminated nature, natural pools where the sun rays passing through the stone walls and the intertwined branches of a wild vegetation create spectacular light games.
Even though anyone between the ages of 12 and 80 can do it, the person must be in good health and in a passable physical shape. The park is equipped in compliance with the required security standards and the couriers are expert guides ready to provide all the assistance and the equipment needed: as a matter of fact, it is necessary to wear the specific lashing and protection helmet at the path’s entrance, in order to begin the descent, and it is also essential to keep the lashing secured to the steel cables at all times to avoid falling.
The most thrilling part of the path is the one realised with steel cableways, which have to be travelled by pulleys to which the lashings are secured. Visitors crossing the waterfalls in this way will avoid getting wet and will also reduce the difficulty of the path. The excursion is made in groups, whose maximum people’s number is ten, and it has a length of six hours: it is a unique adventure in a magical place, where time seems to be rhythmed by the flowing of water.

The dinosaur Scipionyx samniticus was found at less than 5 km from the gorge of Caccaviola.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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