Pero della Bertesca

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Pyrus pyraster (Rosaceae)

This specimen of wild pear tree is in the heart of Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi and it grows at the borders of a wood,  in one of the many pastures with trees.

It is rare that pear tree reaches such dimensions (2.50 m of trunk circumference and 10 m of height), but the principal reason because of the which the pear tree of Bertesca is in the list of Italy’s monumental trees is its historical-testimonial importance.

Once, local people used to go under its shadow to rest or chat while enjoying its small fruits.

On its old trunk, it is still possible to see the heads of the nails used by shepherds to bind their kettle.

How to reach it:

From Bagno di Romagna (FC) there is a path of 7-8 km leading to  Bertesca; from Badia Prataglia it is possible to reach Bertesca along a shorter path.

Botanical characteristics:

Progenitor of the most common pear cultivated and sold in Europe (Pyrus communis subsp. communis) , this species has its area of origin between central-western Europe and Caucasus.

Usually the species presents itself as a bush of 3-4 m but, if the conditions are favourable, it can become a true tree which can reach 20 m of height.

It grows well in temperate-fresh climate and it can live at 1400 m of altitude in the Southern regions.

The species is able to vegetate both on acidic, medium texture soils, of the low alpine slopes, and subalkaline ones rich in organic substances typical of the Mediterranean area.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


47121 Bertesca(FC)

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