Pino d’Aleppo di Montescaglioso

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Pinus halepensis Mill.

The tree is 25 meters tall and its circumference is 3.70 meters. It is an evergreen tree which hails from the Mediterranean and belongs to the family of the Pinaceae. It is a thermophilic specie which is able to resist to aridity and has a pyramidal foliage in the young specimens, which becomes more globular as the years pass. It is one of the most numerous arboreous species in Italy and it is mostly present in monospecific pine groves rich in Mediterranean scrub. It is spread in the Basilicata’s Ionic Sea area thanks to the reforestations made in the driest soils. It is cultivated in the oriental area of the Mediterranean for the production of resin destined to industries of the food conservation area. Its cortex is used for the tanning and dyeing of fishing nets thanks to its high tannin concentration.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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