Platano di Basilicagoiano

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Platanus orientalis L.

The tree is 30 metres tall and its circumference is of about 4.60 meters.
It belongs to the Platanaceae family and it is a native plant of Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia, till Afghanistan.
The cortex is thin and light and the specimens, which are a pair of years old, present scales which reveal the green coloration ling underneath the surface. The trunk presents protuberances called “blastomanie”, which means masses of gems provoked by physiological alterations.
In Southern Italy they are spontaneous. Since the seventies, poplars are threatened by a fungus pathology called “canker stain” against which have been effected regional interventions.
The plane tree of Basilicagoiano is located inside a small wood next to the ancient church of the great farmstead S. Anna.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Monte, 2 - Montechiarugolo(PR)

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