Porto Selvaggio Natural Park and Palude del Capitano

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This regional park in the province of Lecce was established in 1980, following several reforestation works; it covers 1.275 acres and mainly features a barren environment with a thick pine forest.

Porto Selvaggio area overlooks the Ionian Sea, with a mostly wooded habitat and other different environments such as the pseudo-steppe, the grassland with annual plants, and the cliffs where Limonium japygicum grows.

A few meters from the coast, there’s Palude del Capitano (“Captain’s Swamp”), which appeared following the karstic phenomena that affected the area in the past.

The borders of the park are marked by two important towers: Torre dell’Alto and Torre Uluzzu.

During the summer, sea lovers and tourists from Porto Selvaggio can visit the submerged caves such as Corvine Cave, the most spectacular in size, extremely rich with marine biological species.

Grotta del Cavallo is just as interesting and is located in the bay of Uluzzo, where the ancient Uluzziana civilization was discovered after 35.000 years.

The local fauna features foxes, weasels, hedgehogs, chameleons and, during the migration period, blackbirds, thrushes and hoopoes, as well as birds of prey such as lesser kestrels and common kestrels.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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